Merve Taner

I am an ex-account manager as well as an ex-scientist, who graduated from Makers Academy last year. I am currently working as a Software Developer SinplyBusiness and I am also a volunteer coach at Code First Girls, and the founder of the Computer Science Noobs meet up group!

If you are interested in a pairing session with me, remote pairing would be the easiest to arrange, but if you are based in London (and also a coffee fanatic like me), we can also arrange to pair at a coffee shop like real techies :)

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2014 12 14 12.18.17

Merve is very patient. Highly recommended!


Great session! Merve is really friendly and helped me prepare for my Makers interview, which I passed! We went through some Codewars exercises.


Great session with Merve. Thank you for helping me to understand string methods more clearly.