Interview Preparation and Pre-Course Pairing

I can help you through the interview process and pre-course either remotely or face to face (if you are also based in London).

Each session would consist of an hour of pair-programming followed by tackling any questions you might have about the Makers Academy experience or programming in general. Sessions are flexible based on what you require! This can be anything from working through CodeWars, doing some interview preparation or getting familiar with Git.

1. Book your slot on

2. Make payment. Payment can be either made by making a 'Request' through PairUp , Monzo or bank transfer. If you wish to pay by Monzo or bank transfer, I will send you the details after receiving booking confirmation.

Length of Session (hours): 1.0

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Nikolay Stoyanov

1 month ago

I'v pass my interview.:)))

Thanks Kavita.


Emanuele Gorga

17 days ago

Thanks Kavita, you've been very helpful for me!

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