I've mentored 000s of people into Makers! You can be next.

I was responsible for attracting and selecting all candidates for the first 5 years of the business.

In 1-3 sessions, I'll be able to tell you pretty quickly if you have what it takes, and show you the skills and processes you'll need to develop to secure a spot at Makers and start your career as a developer.

Length of Session (hours): 1.0

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Jordan Poulton

4 months ago

If anyone has questions, don't be shy to ask away :)

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Nikolay Stoyanov

4 months ago

I had a great pairing session with Jordan.He needed no time to pin point all my weak points and highlife what I need to concentrate on to prepare for my interview.Looking forward to have another pairing sesshion with him and highly recommend his help to all new beginners.


David Gisbey

2 months ago

I just had an incredibly useful session with Jordan. I wish i had done one earlier. He was able to concisely explain multiple concepts that i had been struggling with.

He also really helped me with understanding how to effectively read errors and use that insight in solving problem.

His emphasis on ensuring i effectively verbalise my thought process and actions while solving problems was really helpful.

I would definitely recommend any new coders to take a couple of sessions early on in your development. I'm definitely feeling more confident about my pairing session.

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Nikolay Stoyanov

1 month ago

I'v pass my interview and I'am cracking on with the pre-course.Thanks Jordan.

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