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Hi! If you're considering going into software development and/or applying to Makers Academy and looking for someone to pair with whilst you prepare for your interview or work through PreCourse material, check my profile and drop me a message!

I've paired with a fair few people (at least a dozen) from here who didn't pass their first or second interview and then after pairing with me most pass their second interview. It's not many data points, but it's something.

Length of Session (hours): 1.5

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Dsc 2170


2 years ago


I have an interview coming up at makers academy next week and would like to get some experience under my belt in terms of pair programming.

kind regards

Ahsan waseem



2 years ago

I really enjoyed my interview prep sessions with Tam, I went on to pass my second interview and secure a place on the Makers course!

She explained things in a really visual way during our pairing sessions and that allowed me to understand the concepts I was struggling with such as OOP and classes in Ruby.

She can relate to your coding problems, help in getting used to pair programming and how to think like a programmer.

She is always willing to help and a great coach & mentor!!


Tom Betts

12 months ago

After failing my first interview with Makers I booked a couple of interview prep sessions with Tam. They were really helpful and I went on to pass my second interview!

Before our pairing sessions she asked me which topics I was struggling with. She then sent me some codewars katas related to those topics to try and solve, and during the sessions we worked through the ones that I couldn't do.

This helped me so much. Tam was very patient in helping me understand various Ruby concepts, and really improved my approach to deconstructing and working through coding problems.

I would definitely recommend pair programming with Tam if you're preparing for a Makers interview!


Damion Hardy

8 months ago

Prior to my 2nd interview at Makers, I had a couple of pairing session - one with Tam - and I am pleased to say that I made it onto the course. Thanks Tam for the help!

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